NAKED Trailer 2 FSK 0 | Originalfassung (2017)

Eine Komödie mit Marlon Wayans in den Hauptrollen. Der Film von Michael Tiddes war vor 3 Jahren (11. August 2017) in den Kinos zu sehen.

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Official "Naked" Movie Trailer 2 2017 | Subscribe ➤ | Regina Hall Movie #Trailer | Release: 11 Aug 2017 | More

It’s your wedding day, the most important day of your life, a day no one would ever want to forget. Imagine if you could live this beautiful day over and over again…until you got it right. Imagine it’s the day you are fated to spend totally… Naked. From the minds of writers Marlon Wayans & Rick Alvarez and director Michael Tiddes, Naked is a wildly stripped down version of the romantic comedy taken to its most surprising – and human – essentials. Inspired by the 2000 Swedish film Naken , Naked chronicles the charmed existence of substitute English teacher Rob Anderson (Marlon Wayans). It’s the eve of his wedding day to the beautiful and successful woman of every man’s dreams, Megan Swope (Regina Hall). Before Rob can enter nuptial bliss, this incorrigible and aimless man-child must first learn a lesson in what it means to be a proper groom. Just arrived in Charleston, South Carolina, Rob’s decided to let spontaneity lead the way. He hasn't written his vows. He hasn’t bothered to learn the steps for their first dance as a couple. He hasn’t even remembered the ring! Ditching his responsibilities, Rob opts to go out for a night on the town with his best man. Yet, fate always has a design that goes beyond the unexpected. Bells may be ringing at the church, but Rob will be waking up naked in a hotel elevator clear across town…and he will not have a single clue as to how he got there. Rob has one hour to get to the church or miss his own wedding. Desperate for answers, he attempts to reach the chapel all the while overcoming outlandish obstacles like streaking through a city marathon; stealing clothes; avoiding capture by local police; dealing with conniving exes; avoiding an altercation with a motorcycle gang; cheating death; and running into Brian McKnight over and over again. Fate loves to work in mysterious ways, and Rob will live this infernal hour repeatedly until he finally learns his lessons and grows up. Will he become the man that his amazing fiancée deserves to marry? Perhaps, but first he’ll have to find something to wear. Shot on location in Charleston, South Carolina, Naked stars Marlon Wayans, Regina Hall, Dennis Haysbert, Jonathan Todd Jackson, Scott Foley, Eliza Coupe, Brian McKnight, Loretta Devine, Cory Hardrict, Minka Kelly and Neil Brown Jr. The film marks the fourth collaboration for producer, co-writer and star Wayans, director Tiddes, and producer and co-writer Alvarez, whose previous teaming brought the successful A Haunted House franchise and the outrageous comedy 50 Shades of Black . The producers are Wayans, Alvarez, Todd Garner and Ryan Lewis. The Executive Producers are Michael Flynn and Sean Robins. The original script is written by Cory Koller and rewritten by Wayans and Alvarez. David Ortkiese is the Director of Photography, Ermanno Di Febo-Orsini is the Production Designer and Ariyela

#Naked is the new comedy movie by Michael Tiddes, starring Regina Hall and Marlon Wayans.

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